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Select input sequence range dialog should have options listed as Radio button(s) for BED operations.


Select input sequence range dialog needs to have the following features.
1.  Should have the options(Pieces of intervals and intervals with no overlap) listed out as a Radio button(s) instead of drop down lists.
2.  Each of the BED operation options should have the small image which explains diffrences between two options.
     e.g     -----
                -   -
3.  Should have Tooltip for each option which explains what either of them mean.
4.    Rename Select 'Input Sequence Ranges' to Select 'Input Region'
5.    Rename 'Reference Sequence Range' to 'Query Region'
6.    Rename 'Query Sequence Range' to 'Query Region'
7.     Rename each additional 'Sequence Range' to 'Query Region'
8.  There should be a checkbox  against each of the  input region(s), column name = 'Use as Metadata' (right hand side). It should however behave as a radio-button (allowed only either 0 or 1 selection(s), clicking on 2nd checkbox should uncheck the previously selected box)
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